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The Keys to Heaven Tarot is the first Mediumship Tarot deck in the world. Akin to the traditional Tarot format, this 78-card deck is the key to communicating with our loved ones on the other side.


This deck is the key to open the gateway and lift the veil between the worlds.


These Divinely-inspired cards are imbued with allegory and symbology, speaking directly to your Soul.


The Spirit Guide Book provides practical interpretations of the cards, helping you to communicate just like a Medium, providing insight into Spirit's life ― both here and in Heaven.


The Keys to Heaven Tarot

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  • Features


    The Keys to Heaven Tarot features a 78-card deck and Spirit Guide Book including: 


    - 22 Spirit Cards (Major Arcana)


    - The Minor Arcana comprising the suits of Heart (Cups), Mind (Swords), Body (Pentacles) & Soul (Wands)


    - Spirit Message cards (Pages)


    - 12 Zodiac cards (Court cards)


    - Letters from Heaven - 26 letters of the alphabet reproduced exactly 3 times across the entire deck revealing anagrams.


    - Full colour imagery which speaks directly to the subconscious mind.


    - 182 page full colour Spirit Guide Book to accompany the 78 card deck, with full artwork and practical guidance for enhancing your connection with the Spirit World.


    Product Size and Dimensions


    Box size: 92mm x 130mm x 52mm


    Card size: 88mm x 126mm


    Card material: 350gsm 


    Card surface finish: both sides UV varnishing + gold edged


    Booklet: size 88mm x 126mm x 36mm, 182 pages


    Magnetic flip close box with ribbon.

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